Educational choices you make as a student have an enormous impact on your future career. Our counselors are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable. They understand your enthusiasm and will guide you to identify the institution that will help you develop your highest potential, the course best suited to your career plans and assistance in filling up forms, getting a visa and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with every decision you make along the way. Contact us to get more information.

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Our Counsellors are well versed with the university system in Canada and can help you achieve your goal of studying in Canada.
Why should you choose Us?


We have an in house lawyer who is registered and licensed member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) who can guide ECS students on various PR options.


Our expert advisors or our counsellors can recommend the best courses in Canada based on your interests and academic profile.


We are able to guide you on Deadlines, application Fees & Process, filling forms and submission of documents in acceptable format.


We will guide you throughout the visa application process & pre departure so you are able to transition into the Canadian Education system.



We help you to look for on-campus residence options as well as off-campus apartment style accommodation. Our previous students also will update you about room vacancy they may have View More..

Pre Departure Guidance

We organize pre-departure counseling three time a year where we discuss immigration at port of entry, course registration, co-op application and pre-arrival checklist. View More..

Visa Counseling & Application

Expert guidance to meet Visa office requirements, Assistance and guidance in filling visa forms, Biometrics appointments, GIC and Tuition fee payments. View More..

Application Process

Help in filling your online or paper based admission forms, upload your documents on university portals and subsequent follow up with admission officers. View More..

Course Selection

Vast Experience and guidance is choosing the right program for you which will align your short term academic goals and long term career aspirations. View More..


Assisting yous seamless transition into an Academic environment in Canada. Guiding you about realistic timelines which will allow us to plan your studies in Canada. View More..